2002 Switzerland

In & Out of Zurich:  through Switzerland, down Rhine, Lake Constance, Danube River back to Lake Constance the to Zurich

This trip was 3 1/2 weeks and covered about 800km.
This was our second European bike trip. Our first one had been in Holland. This one was quite different as we started the trip travelling through the mountains. From Zurich there is a lake (Zurichsee), a river another lake (Wallensee) then another river that get to the Rhine River. That stretch was basically downhill with mountains on both sides. We went down the Rhine (north) through Lichtenstein to Lake Constance. Along the Swiss (south) shore of the lake past Constance to Singen where we took the train up to Tuttlingen on the Danube. We rode along the Danube to just past Ulm. We took the train south to Lindau on the German (north) side of Lake Constance. We rode west along the lake then down the Rhine to the Glatt river. Heading south back to Zurich.

The following table summarizes the trip:

27-Aug-02Fly to Zurich
28-Aug-02ZurichSt Georges
4-Sep-0240255ArbonRote Kreuz
5-Sep-0238.5293KonstanzGraf Zepplin
9-Sep-0251.4512UlmAm Rathaus
10-Sep-020512UlmAm Rathaus
11-Sep-0231543GunzbergZur Munz
12-Sep-0241584LindauZum Anker
15-Sep-0240704Stein am RheinMuhltal
18-Sep-0210.5814ZurichSt Georges


27 August 2002 – Fly Toronto to Zurich

This trip we have our bikes in cardboard boxes.

28 August 2002 – In Zurich

We arrive at Zurich Airport and leave the bikes in the boxes. We have booked a hotel for our first and last nights and have arranged to leave the boxes there. We use luggage trolleys to get the bike boxes to the S Bahn.

Zurich - bikes boxes on the S Bahn train

Our hotel is a couple of kms from the train station, so we try to find a taxi to take the bike boxes. This takes some time, but finally a Mercedes stationwagon is able to fit them mostly in.



More detail to come.

Bike path alongside the road

Hotel St Georges Zurich